Felixstowe Tennis Club’s Grass Courts Get a Makeover, thanks to Premier Sports Turf Contractors and Landscapes

Wimbledon may be over for another year; however, Suffolk tennis enthusiasts have the chance to serve like a pro this summer on one of a dozen newly renovated grass courts in Felixstowe.

Felixstowe Tennis Club has immaculate grass courts thanks to major improvement work by by Premier Sports Turf Contractors and Landscapes.

The team from Premier Sports Turf Contractors, were praised for their hard work on the project, which was completed within budget and transformed the courts to pristine condition.

Bill Cheal, head green keeper at the club, described the completed work as an “outstanding job” and said he would recommend their services.

“Premier Sports Turf Contractors worked within our budget to provide us with the renovations we needed.

“I’m very impressed with their professionalism, and the excellent results. I’d recommend them to anyone that wants quality work done,” he said.

The company were asked to do major renovation work on all 12 of the grass tennis courts in September.

Six of the courts (courts 1,2,3,4,8 and 9) were KOROS’d off in two directions to a depth of 20 mm. Then they were power harrowed (which breaks up and smoothes over the surface of the soil) to a six inch depth. This helps improve the condition of the soil and helps to relieve compaction.


The soil was then laser levelled, using a Blec laser box and a Harley power rake; laser levelling is very precise when compared to other techniques and produces a better overall result.

The Blecavator was run over it again to ensure all the areas were decompacted, before the surface was prepared for the seed and pre-seeder.

The team, at Premier Sports Turf Contractors and Landscapes, then seeded the court with the Blec culture pack, using Bar Extreme RPR at 30 g/sq m and Everris pre-seeder at 40g/sq m.

Courts 5,6 and 7 were faze-mowed off using the KORO. This is where all the vegetation is removed to leave the remaining surface clean. It was then deep scarified four ways using a graden, to cut and remove thatch and debris.

The next step was to seed using Bar Extreme RPR at 25g/sq m and apply 5T top dressing over the courts, before levelling them, then spreading Everris pre-seeder at 40 g/sq m in two directions.

The remaining three courts (10,11 and 12) were deep scarified in six directions to remove thatch, and the team applied Bar extreme RPR seed at 25 g/sq m using the Charter House verti-seeder in two directions.

A 5T top dressing was applied, levelled, and the team then applied Everiss pre-seeder at 40 g/sq m in two directions.


With such great results, the renovated outdoor grass courts, together with the lighter evenings and warmer weather, are likely to inspire even more people to have a game of tennis.

In fact, the renovated grass courts present the perfect opportunity for tennis champions in the making.

Who knows, they could go on to follow in the footsteps of Wimbledon 2014’s men and women singles champions, Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitova, and gain the coveted title in the future!

Anyone for tennis?

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