Not all sporting grounds and football pitches are well maintained. Unfortunately, some public spaces have been neglected for a number of years, making the ground hazardous and difficult to play on. Waterlogged and potholed football pitches can cause injuries from trips and falls on uneven ground. This is one of the reasons why it’s so vital to employ the services of professional sports turf contractors – so you can get your pitch back in shape for the playing season.

It is a sad fact that neglected pitches are becoming more and more common in some parts of the country. However, reviving them will promote a renewed interest in football and other sports, as youngsters have pride in a well maintained ground. If you are responsible for open spaces in your area, now is the time to think about contacting sports turf contractors, so you can organise this well ahead of the end of the playing season (in May).

Premier Sports Turf Contractors and Landscapes are knowledgeable and experienced on how to deal with the most neglected of grounds and bring them back into condition. It is recommended football pitches are renovated annually, to provide the best possible surface for play. However, this is not the case for professional football grounds which need to be maintained more frequently.

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Football Pitches: Trouble Shooting

Here’s some of the most common problems sports turf contractors are called to address on public grounds and how each problem is dealt with.

Waterlogged Pitches

Matches on muddy, boggy ground can be off-putting for players and, at worst, it makes the pitch impossible to play on. To prevent this, it’s vital for pitches to be well maintained and have adequate drainage.

It’s important that any drainage work is designed to solve the specific problem in the field, otherwise work carried out on the pitch won’t be effective and the surface will remain waterlogged. The only way to address the problem of a boggy pitch is to carry out a full investigation first.

The investigation will determine the following:

  1. Identification of the native soil.
  2. Whether the problem of the waterlogged pitch is caused by ground water drainage or surface drainage i.e. clay soils. Surface drainage is a common problem where the particles are so small and compact it is difficult for the water to drain away and a specific drainage scheme is needed.

The investigation will also cover (among other things): the size and type of equipment needed, the calculation of the correct spacing and depth of piped drainage equipment (where needed) and connection to a free flowing outfall.

To have a healthy pitch, the turf doesn’t just need a combination of soil, water and air, but also a strong surface on which to grow.

Uneven Ground

Uneven ground is a big problem for the men, women and children who play on these surfaces.  It can cause anything from bad playing performances to injuries such as sprains, strains, trips, falls and broken bones.

To help maintain a good playing surface, and, depending on which sports surface you play on, during the playing season we would verti-drain, groundbreak, brush, roll cut, apply light dressings, fertilize and apply worm control.

At the end of the playing season you would need a renovation program to help re-establish your playing surface.  These could include koro off the surface, scarifying, applying the correct top dressing, aeration and seeding with the correct seed and fertilizer.

Maintaining Grass

Sport played on overgrown grass creates a number of problems: it interferes with the accuracy of the game, prevents players from seeing the ball properly, and creates a tripping hazard.

Regular maintenance will prevent this and Premier Sports Turf Contractors and Landscapes carry out regular grass cutting to ensure pitches are well looked after. How often the grass should be cut depends on the level of sport you are playing at, so it will vary from daily to weekly grass cuts.

The recommended grass height depends on the type of sport played on the field but, as a guide, the length is as follows:

Football height           24/28mm

Rugby height                28/35mm

Fine Turf surfaces        4/6mm with cricket squares even lower

If grass is not maintained to the correct height, this will cause unnecessary stress on the plant. This in turn will affect the quality of the playing surface and the standard of the sport played.

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