Werner Park Baseball Stadium USA

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Baseball is the only major sport that is played on fields that have both turf and exposed soil for a playing surface. Since about 66% of the game is played on the infield, those areas should receive as much attention as the turf areas. One thing that does not change though, is the basic layout.

Maintaining acceptable playing surfaces requires the correct practices. These practices include aeration, mowing, fertilization, irrigation, cultivation, weed control, post game repair, controlling field use, and controlling other pests like insects or diseases when necessary. A well- developed and maintained sports field can withstand extensive use. Infield care can consist of

IMG00182-20120402-1250Raking of clay

IMG00180-20120402-0915The bullpen area

IMG00207-20120405-1329Irrigation of outfield



IMG00201-20120405-1048 Line marking



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