Cricket pitch renovation at the end of the season will renew the quality of the pitch and improve playing conditions for the following year. Premier Sports Turf Contractors And Landscapes are specialists in sports pitch renovation and provide top quality grass refurbishment locally in Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge and Norfolk, Hampshire and throughout the UK.

Our cricket pitch renovation service is tailored to the client’s requirements. The majority of cricket pitch renovation work is completed in the autumn and includes scarification, deep scarification, seeding, top dressing and feeding. These processes repair the wear and tear incurred from playing, remove debris from the turf which firms the surface for a consistent bounce and ensure a healthy new growth to maintain excellent coverage.

In November/December Verti-draining is then carried out to complete the renovation. Verti-draining punches holes into the ground, which assists with root development and helps with drainage.

We do not provide ongoing cricket pitch maintenance throughout the playing season.

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