Winter Sports Field Maintenance and Renovations

Premier Sports Turf Contractors  provides football and rugby pitch maintenance and renovations locally in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridge, Middlesex, Sussex and throughout the UK.

We do recommend a full pitch renovation once a year to help maintain and restore the quality of the playing surface. Renovations are carried out at the end of the playing season. In addition to this we also offer an ongoing pitch maintenance service for premier clubs to ensure optimum playing conditions throughout the year.  This could include Verti-draining, Groundbreaking, or using our sisis quadraplay.

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This is the use of the multi-vator and the soil has been brushed back into the surface.

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The above is verti-draining and groundbreaking to help release compaction.

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Seeding using the verti-seeder with close spacing.

20150929_143630 (1) IMG_0212 IMG_0233

Topdressing pitches and the final finish.

Sports Field Maintenance and End of Season Renovation

Below is a guide to the main processes carried out to winter pitches at the end of the season

  • Scarification – Scarification of the football or rugby pitch is carried out to remove thatch and meadow grass. This is essential to clear away the pitch debris and prepare the ground for seeding.
  • Multivator – Recycle existing soil , aerate and de-compact in one pass.
  • Top-Dressing – The correct mix of sand / soil will be applied to the pitch after scarifying. This helps with levels on the playing surface and can assist in drainage and helps create a good seeding bed.
  • Verti-Draining / Aeration – this assists growth, relieves compaction and helps with root development.
  • Hollow Core – different size cores are removed from the ground for soil exchange and improved aeration.
  • Seeding – seeding ensures new growth and helps reinstate worn out areas. We use a 30mm width spacing seeder, which is PTO driven and creates very close spacing.
  • Feeding / fertilising is carried out if required after soil has been analyzed.
  • Koro- Remove vegetation from surface.

Ongoing Football / Rugby Ground Maintenance.

All sports grounds playing surfaces require regular maintenance to try and help keep a healthy sward. We recommend a good feeding programme to help keep the plant health and recover quicker during the playing season, regular cutting with sharp blades will give a clean cut, along with regular brushing, light rolling, and aeration.

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