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Premier Sports Turf Contractors offers a full range of services from renovations to a full maintenance program. One of the most common problems with slow greens is that many clubs still believe cutting the grass closer and heavy rolling will help this problem go away.  This might work for a short period of time, but the long term effects are not good.  Action like this will weaken the plant and will result in more compaction, which in turn makes the greens slower after rainfall and will also take longer to drain.

Autumn renovations are one of the best way to help remove thatch build up, help relieve compaction and generally improve your playing surface and structure.


Scarifying – Helps reduce buildup of thatch and organic matter.

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Overseeding – The verti-seeder is the perfect seeder on fine turf for all aspects of seed.

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Verti-draining – To improve drainage, helps with root development and reduces compaction.

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Topdressing – To improve the drainage of the existing soil, firm the surface, help root growth and seed germination.

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Hollow Tinning – Provides aeration also helps reduce thatch build up.

Feeding – Fertilizing is applied to help balance the nutrients available in the soil and help germination and keep existing grass healthy. This will done after a soil sample has been taken.
Grass Cutting – Helps keep the sward healthy and encourage the plant to thicken out.

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