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The Verti-Seed’s unique action first opens the turf using special oval shaped discs followed by small chisels. The seed is then fed
through the seeding funnel and released into the slit where the wind cannot blow it away. The seed is deposited in the furrow accurately and can be precisely adjusted to give you exact rates even for very fine seed, like bents and fescues. The furrow is then sealed by the seeding shoe. Each seeding element is independently sprung, enabling the Verti-Seed to accurately seed on any ground contour.

The BLEC CULTI-PACK SEEDER has a front notched ring roller which crush lumps and makes small pockets in the soil, the grass seed is spread accurately across the full width of the rolls (not drilled in lines) the rear set of rollers split the shallow ridges, covering up the tiny seeds in the top 12mm soil, and surface disturbance is kept to a minimum.

Seeding – We are happy to undertake work in the following locations: Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Hertford, Northamptonshire, Middlesex and Cambridgeshire. Jobs further a field may also be considered – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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