Our specialist ground care services include the following:

  • BLEC Multivator – de-compacts and recycles existing soil.
  • Fraze mowing – this completely removes all vegetation.
  • Power Harrowing – this breaks up any pan and prepares the surface for laser levelling.
  • Laser Levelling creates a level playing surface.
  • Big roll turfing – quickly turfs large areas.


The BLEC Multivator is the answer to the growing demand for de-compacting and topdressing by recycling natural buried and existing soil/sand up to the surface-saving time and money from importing materials. The specially designed blades lift some soil and leave the unwanted stones buried for a clean finish and incorporate the soil dressing back into the surface.


Ground-Care-008 The Harley Power Rake being used for tilthing of surface


Ground-Care-009 The BLEC Lazer Level being used to grade and level surface


Ground-Care-FIN-002 Fraze mowing surface


Ground-Care-FIN-003 Power Harrowing to tilth up surface



Ground-Care-FIN-006 Big Roll Turfing – Tractor mounted frame

Specialist Ground Care – We are happy to undertake work in the following locations: Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Cambridgeshire and Kent. Jobs further a field may also be considered – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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